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Early April 2017 action by ICE. I (C.A.S.) was reading about how immigrants and supports of immigrants have been tracking ICE agents in Woodburn, OR using Twitter and fb. Occurred to me that CopBlaster could be extremely useful for tracking ICE agents in the same way, but better perhaps. Twitter and facebook do not aggregate data in the same way that CopBlaster does and don't have the same search features as CopBlaster does. Their followers will see alerts but other than that their Tweets get buried in news feeds relatively quickly. If people started posting ICE sightings on CopBlaster, others could find them easily by searching the site for reported sightings and updates status as well. Then, a link would be automatically tweeted out and posted on facebook pages run by CopBlaster. then another could tweet on link to their followers or share it with their fb friends using the sharenholic tool on the left side of their browser window or at the bottom if they are using a mobile device. When the advanced tracker is built, CopBlaster will become even more useful. One problem with CopBlaster on social media right now is it is excessively tweeting links to news ad Reddit links about police brutality or misconduct, so much so that much of its followers have been lost due to their news feeds being bombarded. CopBlaster wanted to target relevant law enforcement with hashtags and with content and got a bit carried away. The creator of CopBlaster will fix this problem sometime in the future for easier use. Currently, CopBlaster author is indisposed.

michell Says:

quiero reportar a una persona que trabaja con visa de turista en california

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