Partial Federal Correctional Complex (FCC Victorville) Staff List

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13777 Air Expressway Blvd.
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A partial list of current and former staff members at the Federal Correctional Complex in Victorville, California (FCC Victorville) taken from records obtained in a brutality lawsuit in response to an incident at USP Victorville. These people really do not like it when inmates know their full names, so if you know an inmate at FCC Victorville let'em know this information. Just calling one of them by their first name would be enough to get under their skin. These people freak out whenever people film license plates on vehicles that enter or exit the prison. A big list of full names would really make them freak.

Tang, Keith

Wolverton, Brigitte

Hicks, James

Benard, Trinidad

Esquetini, Jose

Gulani, Saroj

Johnson, Debra

Fast, Rey

Villanueva, B initials BMV

Gomez, R.

Price, LaDrew

Perez, Jeniffer

Muto, Joseph

Winans, Emily

Troolines, Laura

Quinn, Ross

Dominguez, Emiterio

Oeltjenburns, Tyler or Oeltjenbruns

Alvarez, Charles

Pedraza, Noe

Olmos, Armando

Williams, Scott

Luna, Saul

Some of those names are repeated in this list:

Aurelio Salcido, Alex Warren, Brandon Pittman, Brent Bouche, Brendan McDermott, Cresie Lyons, Christopher Gonzalez, Constance Campos, Chevon Sylvester, Diana Elliott, Francisco DeJesus, Frank Melendez, Ginger Hodges, George Villanueva, Jose Nunez, Jesus Amezcua, John Gabby, Jolene Govers, Jason Musgray, Jeffrey Cox, Joel Roman, Jesus Valero, Jennifer Waid, Moises Lopez, Manuel Escamilla, Mark Gutierrez, Morgan Miccio, Michael Quijada, Noe Pedraza, Pablo Prieto, Roger Cintron, Rachael Academia, Robert Hodak, Roan McCollough, Richard Villegas, Scott Williams, Saul Luna, VIP/Warden~, VIX/Inmate Sanctions, Victor Torres, William Chandlee, William Lothrop

Check out the video below for some good laughs. FCC Victorville staff failed their First Amendment Audit big time.

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