U.S. Marshals Filmed in Portland, Oregon at Federal Buildings

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Category: Police - Federal
Current Courthouse Address:
1000 SW Third Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97204
PDF of U.S. Marshals Filmed:
U.S. Marshals in Portland, Oregon
U.S. Marshals in Portland, Oregon

Several U.S. Marshals have been filmed by CopWatch activists in Portland, Oregon in recent years. CopBlaster.com has taken the liberty of creating a collage of screenshots featuring U.S. Marshals filmed by CopWatch activist Robert West whose YouTube channel you can get to by clicking the link on this page. You can see a sample of one of his videos embedded on this page. It is a funny encounter with security at the Hatfield Courthouse in Portland. West has also been banned from the Ninth Circuit at Pioneer Courthouse, also in Portland.

These are faces of tyranny that you do not want anything to do with.

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