Galveston Police Officer Patrick Brosch Basically Lynched a Black Man

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Galveston Police Officer Patrick Brosch and his partner, identified only as A. Smith, were caught on camera practically lynching a black man. They tied a leash around him and led him down the street on horseback. Galveston Police Chief Vernon L. Hale III apologized for causing Donald Neely "unnecessary embarrassment." He also said that Brosch and Smith did not have any malicious intent. Apparently it is tradition in Texas for mounted police to leash black men they have arrested and lead them down the street tied to a rope. The only difference between this and a lynching appears to be that the rope is tied to his hands instead of his neck and he is walking down the street without being dragged.

It seems that cops in Galveston have not learned over the centuries that you can't lasso people like cattle and that this does not look good. The poor guy probably thought he was going to get lynched.

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