Get a Load of Multnomah County Drug Mule "Sifu" Shannon Spahan

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Get a load of "Sifu" Shannon Spahan. A part time martial arts instructor and full time drug mule for the Multnomah County Health Department. During the day he transports prescription drugs around the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) and delivers the drugs to jail inmates that include all kinds of convicted felons, drug addicts and drug dealers. All of his customers hate him because he always crushes the good stuff into a fine powder and looks around their mouths to make sure they use all the drugs at once. Shannon takes his job really seriously.

By night Shannon presents himself on Facebook as some kind of martial arts bad ass that fills his profile with pictures of himself in various poses and stages of undress. Some of his pictures look like wannabe Bruce Lee movie posters and others include shirtless selfies.

One good thing I can say about Shannon is that he does not take death threats too seriously. I had a rat named Scott Franklin that I wrote about a few weeks ago and Franklin included Shannon on a list of people that he accused of me offering him $250,000 a head to kill. When I saw Shannon after that and told him that was not true he made it obvious that he did not care.

If you or anyone you know at the jail talks about wanting to beat him up (because lots of inmates hate him) you might want to consider the fact that he does know self defense. Maybe that is why he is such a prick. Probably hoping someone makes a move on him so that he can show people what he knows.

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