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After over two years of what should have been an incarceration of no more than six months I can finally use a computer again. It is a long story and I can't wait to tell it, but I am too busy working on a lawsuit against Multnomah County in response to my arm being broken by a deputy almost two years ago to post what will be many posts documenting what really happened to me.

The state of the site is quite poor right now. The best I can say is that due to simple planning it is still running despite the government keeping me away from the internet for over two years. I have lost thousands of Twitter followers, gained only a few members, had a horrible time posting from jail, and spent over six months once released undoing the damage caused by my former judge when he banned me from computers for something that had nothing to do with computers, but most of that time was due to having to work out conditions of computer monitoring with probation and the court so that I would not be blamed for content other people post on any sites that I own directly or content posted elsewhere online that is aggregated by a niche search engine I've been working on.

The latest incident started with me exposing an incompetent computer monitoring company called IPPC Technologies. Their monitoring program called "Impulse Control" broke my computer and many others that used Windows 10, was easy to circumvent, and poorly managed. Today I am trying the RemoteCom software that I kept asking probation to try a long time ago. I hope that it does not have those kinds of problems, so I am willing to give them a fair opportunity to provide effective monitoring that also allows me to use my computer effectively and in a way that lets me market my skills without adding that anyone working with me must allow IPPC to break their system.

Once I finish the lawsuit I will start fixing the site by getting it a SSL certificate that is not expired, the site is safe despite the warning thought (whenever a SSL certificate expires browsers give that warning whether the site is really secure or not), promoting it a little, making a few upgrades, and exposing the truth about what really happened to me.

In the meantime learn more by reading the following news stories by Maxine Bernstein at the Oregonian:

I rather enjoy reading Maxine Bernstein's articles. She has done a much better job focusing on the facts than other journalists that have covered me over the years. Those journalists include people at every local TV station, several blogs and news websites located throughout the country, and Anderson Cooper.

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