Attempting to Contact Inmate Scribes Results in Incident Report

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Inmate Scribes Incident Report:

Last year David Prock gave me an incident report for trying to contact Inmate Scribes at FCI Sheridan. The incident report read as follows:

"On June 25, 2018, at 12:00 p.m. while screening mail I screened a letter from inmate Sullivan, Cyrus Reg. No. 74918-065. The letter states, "I need you to contact inmate Scribes, work on SSL, the article on that incompetent nurs". The Letter is addressed to...Portland, OR by inmate Sullivan, contact another inmate, inmate Sullivan committed the prohibited act of 295 use of mail for abuses other than criminal activity."

The problem with this incident report is that Inmate Scribes is not an inmate or even a person. Inmate Scribes is an online business that helps inmates communicate with the outside world. As the name describes the service literally allows an inmate to hire a scribe. A scribe to do things like post stuff on social media, dating sites, edit images, email people, etc. Lt. Carter could not throw it out even though he thought it was ridiculous because this was a high level offense, so I had to argue my case in front of the DHO. DHO Cortez agreed with me and eventually dismissed it after I showed up with information that I had received in the mail about Inmate Scribes and convinced him easily that Inmate Scribes is not an inmate.

I was fortunate in a way that I was already being kept in SHU under a never ending threat assessment and therefore did not suffer any loss of liberty due to being in SHU while waiting to resolve this incident. This is just one example of how the staff at BOP facilities harass inmates that they do not like.

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