Death of Aryan Brotherhood Inmate From New Mexico Looks Preventable

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The 2018 death of Donald Taylor at USP Victorville appears to have been preventable. According to the press he was an Aryan Brotherhood member from New Mexico and the FBI is looking into it. That might explain why he died right there. Shortly before my release in 2016 there was a man in the SHU at USP Victorville. Someone asked who he was and why he was in the SHU. He said that he was a New Mexico AB and that they roll with the Texas AB. I do not believe that man to have been Donald Taylor. I learned from other inmates that the original Aryan Brotherhood from California also known as the Brand was at war with the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT). As a result the Special Investigative Services (SIS) would not put him in general population because they knew that would happen. The same thing happened to a celly I had for a couple of hours one day. About six COs and SIS members came into the unit and grabbed him suddenly. A Mexican later told me that he was in another prison with that guy and that he was at one point an ABT prospect before dropping out. My Mexican friend wondered how he ended up getting past SIS and onto the yard. During my last days I was in the holdover and when meeting the orderly he told me that he was classified there because his car could not walk the yard there and his car was ABT.

If Donald Taylor was in fact a member of the New Mexico AB, New Mexico AB is allied with the ABT, and ABT was still at war with the Brand, what the hell was he doing in general population? That is of course assuming he was in general population, the article did not say, so he could have been PC'd up in the SHU. The FBI is investigating so obviously they don't think he died of natural causes. I suspect that SIS dropped the ball again and as a result they allowed Taylor to walk into a deadly situation. Then again the article says he was at that prison for over a year, so if he was in general population what took the Brand so long to get him? Maybe he was in the SHU and it took the Brand over a year to get him, but if SIS categorized him properly he should have been transferred after six months in SHU. This is suspicious. Did SIS fail to classify a notorious guy from New Mexico that the US Attorney publicly stated was an Aryan Brotherhood member or did they classify him right and fail to transfer him to an ABT yard? What was he still doing at USP Victorville?

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