False Accusations and Threats from Creepy Deputy James Harrington

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Peeper Creeper Deputy James Harrington
Peeper Creeper Deputy James Harrington

What started as an argument over a Cop Blaster sign at the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) ended with Deputy James F. Harrington stealing my sign, assaulting me, threatening my mother, and making false accusations against me. This incident took place as I returned from federal court on May 2, 2017.

I was being escorted by Harrington back to my cell in unit 4E when he stole a CopBlaster.com sign from my cell window. When told that failure to return the sign would result in him being featured on this website, Harrington became agitated. After celling me in, Harrington had a hobble attached to my cuffs, one of which was still cuffed to my right hand. He pulled on the hobble as hard as he could, pulled my arm through the food port and down causing a lot of pain from the pressure of my arm on the food port door and the cuff on my hand. He eventually called me a "piece of shit" and left after I had been begging for him to stop due to the pain.

After the incident no medical attention was provided as is required under county policy following use of force incidents. I had pronounced bruising of my right arm and wrist that a proper medical exam would have documented. Then I noticed something weird. It was Harrington peaking at me through the blinds of the guard station directly across from my cell. It looked like he had been waiting there for I don't know how long until he could see that I noticed him. When I made contact he responded with a creepy finger wave and left.

Shortly after that Sgt. A. Banta (DPSST# 38974) gave me a "misconduct issuance" that began with a truthful statement that I had accurately described Harrington as a "fucking asshole," and concluded with an egriegious lie. The lie falsely accused me of threatening Harrington's family by saying "I am coming to your house and I'm going to rape your wife and kids then kill all of you!" I never said that nor did I threaten his family in any way.

Before bed time Harrington came to my door with mail. When I confronted him over his false accusations he said "you threatened to send people to my house." To which I clarified that I only intended to put him on a website, then Harrington held up a piece of paper and pointed at it. The paper contained the name and home address of my mother that he had taken from the return address of a letter she had sent me. He then folded up the piece of paper, put it in his pocked, said something like "guess that takes care of that," and left.

I will not allow threats from Harrington or anyone else dictate what is posted on this website.

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