Jane Ingham Snitched on Becker landscaping and services in Mulkiteo

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"Facebook page clearly shows them working today to mow laws. Copied from their fb page today: Heading into a rainy forecast but that won’t stop us from laying stripes! Now is a great time to schedule lawn aeration and de-thatching. There are many other services we offer to keep your property looking sharp! Let us know how we can help. @ Mukilteo, Washington" - Jane Ingham

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Jane Ingham in Mulkiteo, Washington on Saturday April 25, 2020 with L&I covid19complaints@lni.wa.gov against Becker landscaping and services saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was jringham123@yahoo.com and phone number given was 4257701692.

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