Resident Snitched on Jefferson County Fair Campground in Port Townsend

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4907 Landes St.
Washington Coronavirus Snitches:

"Hello,This facility in the center of a highly populated community of seniors, is still accepting transient people living in tents and cars and using a communal restroom and shower. There is still 'no camping' tape up across the field because the ground is still soaked- yet, tents are out there. In the past three years, this facility has been less than responsible about who they allow to 'camp' there. The owners and manager allow loud, drunken, and high transient tent campers to fight, yell, and scream, and instead of taking responsibility for their guests, refunding their money and asking them to vacate, they tell local residents to call the police.With this public health disaster and stay at home order in place, the management will not care for, or take responsibility for the health and safety of these campers or local residents in this neighborhood. Shouldn't all campsites and communal restrooms be closed, especially with this virus being airborne in a senior community?Can you please shut down this poorly managed facility and remove these campers immediately?Thank you." - Resident

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Resident in Port Townsend, Washington on Tuesday March 31, 2020 with DOL against Jefferson County Fair Campground saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was .

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