County Jail's Old Butter Proves Ceiling Not Cleaned for Over 5 Years

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Category: Corrections - Jail Staff
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901 Port Avenue
St Helens, Oregon 97051

When I was first placed in D-Pod at the Columbia County Jail in 2013; flinging balls of butter at the ceiling with the flexible sporks everyone was issued, was a recreational activity. Unfortunately the jail staff took notice and stopped giving inmates little ice cream scoops of butter and/or margarine on their trays. Calling it butter is too kind because it was really an oily type substance that may have included margarine, but that is not the point here. The point is that when I was placed back in there five years later, in 2018, the butter that was on the ceiling in 2013 was still there. Crusted on the ceiling with oily stains around it from soaking into the ceiling. Nobody had cleaned that ceiling in fiver years and I could only imagine what type of mold was growing up there or elsewhere in that jail where sanitation is neglected.

Fortunately I did not fall victim to any mysterious illnesses and I am not aware of anyone else getting sick from it. I hope it stays that way.

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