Correctional Officer Alex Peponis asked to be Featured on Cop Blaster

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Correctional Officer Alex Peponis
Correctional Officer Alex Peponis

Correctional Officer Alex Peponis asked to be featured on this website last summer when he asked if he had to step his game up so that he could be featured on Cop Blaster. I told that was not necessary and that I would be happy to add him, so here he is. Peponis, the guy that wanted to be profiled by this website now has this page with his picture. Congratulations Peponis!

Peponis also said that he had been to my website and asked, "you really don't know Dr. Cantu very much do you?" in reference to an incompetent and indifferent doctor named Amador Cantu that was technically in charge of providing medical care but cared more about saving the government money. I asked that I did not like Dr. Cantu. He then said, "the feeling is mutual." I was really happy to hear that. Cantu is a horrible excuse for a doctor.

I was not going to put Peponis on here until he asked how he could end up here. I never had a problem with him and he always seemed chill. That is why his profile is being posted in the "Other" category instead of "Corrections" because this is not a correctional misconduct report.

He is no longer at FCI Sheridan and is now at some prison in California.

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