Cynthia Fauchald Snitched on Larry Haight Roofing in Redmond

Cynthia Fauchald Snitched on Larry Haight Roofing in Redmond
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15203 NE 95th St
Washington Coronavirus Snitches:

"They are continuing to work. Employees are being told they have to work because they are essential. The employees are very concerned because they are working in close quarters at times, and they are fearful of loosing their jobs if they speak up. I they are doing a lot more work than just roofing. The employees don't understand why they have to work at homes of people who are inside under quarantine or the stay at home order, but they have no choice per the owner. They do not want to be exposed. They are mostly Mexican workers and feel they are being put at risk unfairly. I have heard this directly from a worker/ friend whom i told to stop coming and finishing a side project at my house (not through this company) because I am following strict lockdown for 3 weeks now. They do not under stand why they are still going to other homes. I want my identity to remain confidential and the detail of how I know this." - Cynthia Fauchald

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Cynthia Fauchald in Redmond, Washington on Tuesday March 31, 2020 with L&I against Larry Haight Roofing saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was 4252973177.

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