Medical Staff Fails to Screen for and Treat MRSA at FCI Sheridan

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Medical staff at FCI Sheridan fail to screen new arrivals for MRSA and treat those that self-report their condition. MRSA is a dangerous form of anti-biotic resistant bacteria that causes giant puss-filled cysts, fever, and sometimes even death.

On August 16, 2018 a man was moved from Multnomah County to FDC Sheridan and eventually placed in the special housing unit (SHU) across the street at FCI Sheridan. While at Multnomah County Inverness Jail (MCIJ) that inmate was sent to the hospital with a massive MRSA infection on his leg and a 105 degree fever. When he arrived at FDC Sheridan he told medical staff that he had been recently treated with anti-biotics for MRSA at MCIJ. The Sheridan staff did not give him anti-biotics.

After being placed in SHU, he began noticing new cysts on his scalp and arm pit. He showed them to the lady that passed out pills and she said it looked like acne. He then turned in a request to see medical, was called out for an exam by a Harry Potter lookalike medical technician, and was sent back to his cell, still without anti-biotics.

How big must such growths get before an inmate is treated? Did the medical staff wait until it was too late? This author was transferred and can not say.

The name of the victim was Edgar Gonzalez. He was a pre-trial detainee and gave this author permission to use his name. As a pre-trial detainee designated to the FDC at that time he would have been under the care of Dr. Amador Cantu.

Watch the video below to see what can happen when MRSA is not properly treated in a prison:

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