can not say my name Snitched on The Boeing Company in Everett

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Everett, WA
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"Boeing is still working in Everett!! There are customer test flights, customer walks, inspections, the paint hangar is working 12 hour shifts - all this ON CIVIL AIRCRAFT!!!! NO, the Boeing 777, 787, UPS 767 , they all have nothing to do with defense!!! Boeing gives nothing about any order and what are the politicians doing? Nothing! Because Boeing has so much Power about the politicians! People at Boeing will die, spread the Virus! Thank you, all involved, to let Boeing do whatever they want." - can not say my name

The aforementioned complaint was filed by can not say my name in Everett, Washington on Tuesday March 31, 2020 with Essential Business against The Boeing Company saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was .

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