Scott Doyle Proves Ineffectiveness of Facial Recognition Software

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Scott Doyle
Scott Doyle

I was not going to mention Scott Doyle on here until I found out that he had submitted his photo to some kind of facial recognition software app that tells you what percent of an asshole you are based on your photo. I know him from my time in SHU at FCI Sheridan where he is a correctional officer. While I was there he seemed to be quite reasonable. I recall an incident that he could have given me an incident report for but did not because he just did not trip over petty things. Hardly the 269% verified asshole that this program says he is based on his picture. The fact that he even submitted his picture and posted it with that result shows that he does not take himself too seriously.

If I recall correctly he describes himself as current or former military and seems like the kind of guy that got recruited from the army and just does his job for work. Those kinds of guys make better COs than other types. Some guys stay in that line of work because it gels with a sadistic personality but Doyle is not one of them. That is why this post is listed in the Other News Category because it does not involve misconduct.

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