Crystal Barton Snitched on Alaskan Campers in Winlock 98596

Crystal Barton Snitched on Alaskan Campers in Winlock 98596
Blast Zone No. 23559 - 0 Comments
Set Up On:
Category: Snitches - Cop Callers
Last Known Other Address:
801 BE kerron st
Washington Data Dump File 2:

"They are stating their essential because they do repairs but they hardly do any repairs it's just building truck campers they have full staff again not following protocols no masks no sanitation's and not safe distancing saying he does not care about the order he's not about small government and he's going to make them work no matter what they shouldn't be open till phase two" - Crystal Barton

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Crystal Barton in Winlock 98596, Washington on Monday May 4, 2020 with No Agency against Alaskan Campers saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. Email address given was and phone number given was 3606239248.

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