David Fortune Snitched on Home Depot Chehalis #4740 in Chehalis

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1701 SW Louisiana Ave.
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"I just visited Home Depot today (My first outing since March) to pickup a mail order and taking advantage of their "Curb side pickup". While I was waiting in my Truck to get my package brought out I noticed none of the Home Depot employees are wearing masks! Isn't this part of the social distancing measures? They had a line setup to enter the store and stay 6' apart, but the Home Depot employee who greeted customers and allowing only a few people at a time to enter, had no Mask or protection of any kind and was right there next to customers! Not sure if this is at all an infraction since the rules seem to change almost daily and most folks are confused as to what is the proper protection to take for needed visits to retail stores. I am doing the right thing and staying home, if I venture out (Today was the first day) I have my face mask, hand wipes and gloves." - David Fortune

The aforementioned complaint was filed by David Fortune in Chehalis, Washington on Wednesday May 6, 2020 with No Agency against Home Depot Chehalis #4740 saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. Email address given was fortune_kooky@hotmail.com and phone number given was 360-951-9434.

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