Barbara Carter Snitched on Tim Bush Car Wash in West Richland

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3220 Kennedy Drive
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"At any other time we would have no issue with the following businesses, however the disregard for both the community and business community during a pandemic and time of great sacrifices is highly disrespectful and reckless, appearing selfish and greedy while others suffer financially and with this deadly illness. We do not believe it is time to reopen for business and resent its become so politically polluted. We appreciate your assistance in this matter. Tim Bush has opened his non-essential Bush Car Wash business He has multiple locations. He alleged he opened this West Richland location to service city police cars The city reports in TC Herald they did not request him to open. This particular location is across from Mr. Tim Bush's other business also opened Roasters Coffee. Roasters might be open under essential food service though ONLY serves coffee/drinks. This West Richland location is adjacent to RESIDENTIAL and attracts UNNECCSARY travel and has been cause of increased traffic in community. Our home is in residential area behind Roasters Coffee our home address is under City of Richland. Richland has failed to support stay home orders. We asked city Richland mgr. office for reasonable support by placing electronic traffic reader boards in increased high traffic areas In this case it would be on Keene Road & Kennedy its inexpensive & easy to monitor with message Stay Home Stay Healthy include # of cases & # of deaths to no avail Tim Bush Car wash in West Richland and Roasters Coffee is in City of Richland 3507 Kennedy Rd Both businesses are at corner of Keene Rd & Kennedy Rd both businesses have increased the traffic in this area, our residential community.It appears the Tim Bush 'business model' includes placing coffee and car wash business locations adjacent to the other. Listing of all locations scroll for all listingsFrom Tim Bush Car Wash Site:Effective Tuesday April 21st, all Bush Car Wash locations in Tri-Cities and Walla Walla are open. We have listened to the advice of local authorities and will also be following guidelines of our Governor. That being said, you may notice some temporary changes that we have put in place to keep our Crew and Customers safe while cleaning your vehicles." - Barbara Carter

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Barbara Carter in West Richland, Washington on Wednesday May 6, 2020 with No Agency against Tim Bush Car Wash saying, Non-essential business is open. Email address given was and phone number given was 5097374433.

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