Someone Told on Roland York Hair in Bellingham

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310 w holly st
Washington Data Dump File 2:

"Roland York has been continuing to cut hair during lockdown. Venmo and other records will show." - Anonymous

The aforementioned complaint was filed in Bellingham, Washington on Wednesday May 13, 2020 with DOL against Roland York Hair saying, Business function performed that is non-essential. No email address was given and no phone number was given.

Roland Says:

Update, I talked to the DOL and they ignored this complaint because there was nothing to back it up. So this is pure lies! I utilized lockdown to relax and take time off doing hair. My lawyer is currently tracking the person who posted this down to sue for defamation of character.

Roland Says:

Hey I am Roland York and never did hair during quarantine. My clients were nice enough to pre-pay for their future appointments during lockdown to help me out with finances while I was out of work. Thankful for my clients that sent me Venmo while I was out of work. Never once did I do anyones hair during lockdown. I waited until salons opened to start doing hair again. It would be much appreciated if you took this down because it was false information that would be considered slander in the court of law.

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