Someone Told on Mayuri Indian Cuisine in Redmond

Someone Told on Mayuri Indian Cuisine in Redmond
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Category: Snitches - Cop Callers
Last Known Other Address:
2115 Bel-Red Rd
Washington Data Dump File 2:

"Restaurant is not following social distancing while providing take outs. The restaurant wants customers to pay, touch and sign the billing computer tablet screen. This can be a cause for COVID-19 spread. Also, none of the restaurant employees where seen wearing a face mask - This observed around 6 PM PST on 5/14. I didn’t want to pick an argument at the site, thus, I called the restaurant back to inform the manager once I reached home after picking up my food, but the manager was not on site. I spoke to one of their associates and expressed my concern. I wanted to report this incident to the city, however, would like my identity protected for personal reasons. Thanks." - Anonymous

The aforementioned complaint was filed in Redmond, Washington on Thursday May 14, 2020 with LCB against Mayuri Indian Cuisine saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. No email address was given and no phone number was given.

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