Amy Walenga Snitched on REI store 11 in Seattle

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"I am writing to connect with you about the Seattle REI's safety procedures in response to Covid-19. Per the most recent covid safety announcement from Eric, date May 13th, it specifically outlines REI's company wide PPE expectations. I am writing to express concern not only for myself but for my coworkers who don't have the courage to speak up. "Asking everyone who enters an REI facility to use personal protective equipment (PPE) · Employees are required to wear face coverings while in REI locations – this includes stores, distribution centers and any location being staffed by employees deemed “essential personnel.”· Certain jobs will require employees to use gloves, but we are making gloves available to all staff who choose to use them.· We are also asking all customers to wear face coverings while at REI stores, and are providing disposable face coverings for anyone who doesn’t have them. This is a request, not a requirement (except where local mandate requires them), but we’re asking our community to take this simple action to keep our employees and their fellow customers safe, and to help stop the spread. · We are also making gloves available to all customers who choose to use them. " Management is not wearing masks and not enforcing employees (other than those working curbside) to wear masks either. I approached Andy Marin yesterday 5/14 and asked why he and some of the other staff weren't wearing them. I told him about the recent letter (quoted above) stating the requirement and he sited an interpretation of on-boarding documents. I again explained that this is something REI is doing company wide. Our conversation ended and I followed up by linking the above email and health and safety fact sheet, to which he responded that he would be seeking clarification. I emailed HR this morning before my shift because I was feeling very nervous about going into work with out this matter being resolved. Into my shift I noticed numerous employees did not have masks on. I found Andy and asked him for an update and if I could speak to our GM. He was still waiting for clarification and that our GM were supposed to contact me. I told him that he could have communicated that to me, and that I felt very uneasy walking into work today because I had not gotten a response. I again repeated the email and he told me that things were different at the DC. I stated that the PPE expectations were for all locations, for all staff. Again he stated that he was waiting for clarification. I agreed to come back to work based on the expectation that all employees are required to follow the health and safety fact sheet. Currently they conflict and I do not feel that these decisions are being made in the best interest of the whole employee population, rather self comfort and convenience. For example the receptionist should be wearing a mask. There is not enough space for employees to pass the current reception, especially when they are not wearing a mask. Receptionist should be moved to their own separated room with a door if they can't perform their duties without a mask." - Amy Walenga

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Amy Walenga in Seattle, Washington on Saturday May 16, 2020 with No Agency against REI store 11 saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. Email address given was and phone number given was 3605818323.

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