Bernie Denney Snitched on The Dollar in Seattle, WA 98133

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"Note: race/sex and other information for identification purposes only.I entered the "Dollar Tree" food store in mid morning Friday May 15th wearing a mask and eyeware as a safety precaution for the coronavirus. A customer in the store walked toward me (black male) me as I entered an aisle to shop and I had to back out of the isle (narrow one) without a mask. I indicated that I wanted to practice safe distancing and he got angry mumbling something back then as I went into the aisle he seemed to be thinking about reentering the aisle. I repeated that I wanted to maintain a safe distance and he then said something else in an angry tone. He then walked away. Then a store clerk/counterperson (black female) not wearing a mask came up to me in an unfriendly tone and asked me if "I was alright". I asked why she wasn't wearing a mask and she kicked me out of the store. As I was leaving the manager of the store (a white male) came out of his office in a huff glaring at me. I left the store and was maybe 50 feet away from the front door going to unlock my bike and this manager claiming he was the woman counter persons boss and she standing at the door calling me names told me to "get down the road". I told him not to get any closer and asked why he was pursuing me out of the store as he approached me. He as well didn't have a mask on restating that he was "her boss" More hostile words were spoken and I reminded them that they could be spreading the virus around, indeed hostility toward safe practices in this time of crisis. They both just got angrier and told me to leave the area. It was a bizarre incident to say the least. I want this complaint filed and this place to be put on notice. Apparently they have a policy to NOT wear protection against the virus not a very safe place." - Bernie Denney

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Bernie Denney in Seattle, WA 98133, Washington on Saturday May 16, 2020 with No Agency against The Dollar saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. Email address given was and phone number given was 2062269401.

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