Walter Thompson Snitched on Temco Logistics in Seattle

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"I just found out today, 5/18/2020, that one of the Drivers/Helpers (there are 50) has just tested POSITIVE for COVID-19. This driver comes into the office where I work, has sat next to me even though I have asked him to stay six feet away. He does NOT wear a mask or gloves. There are 16 Home Depot office/logistic operations people that work in close quarters in the office and they are NOT practicing social distancing/safe working measures.I sit in an office space where they sit back-to-back and next to each other. Desks are NOT 6ft apart, there are small partitions between desks, but they are not full cubicles. People gather around desks, in the break rooms in groups (again no masks, no gloves) and gather in the office in groups of 3, 4, 5, people standing or sitting and talking all in close proximity.There are masks and gloves available, however, employees and management (with two exceptions) are not using them. They have never closed during the Stay Home Stay Safe order as they said they are an essential business. I am an (ex-Navy Corpsman-medic) and I wear a mask and gloves everyday and myself and only one other person do this. Out of 16 people, only two (2) are abiding by social distancing and safe workplace practices.It seems that Home Depot/Temco feel the guidelines do not apply to them. I was VERY concerned every single day that I could be exposed to COVID-19 and thereby expose/infect my family. Now, as of today I am SCARED - terrified.Please help! Can you please help in enforcing that they must abide by safe working practices? I need my job to support my family, I just want to be able to work in a safe environment." - Walter Thompson

The aforementioned complaint was filed by Walter Thompson in Seattle, Washington on Monday May 18, 2020 with some agency against Temco Logistics saying, Essential business not following social distancing requirements. Email address given was and phone number given was 425-589-9970.

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