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A concerned lady contacted us via Facebook with screenshots of Lousville Police Officer Tim King's Facebook activity. She also expressed a desire to post him here but that she was having difficulties with the posting process. After investigating Tim King, we learned that the media has also noticed his social media activity.

According to one Facebook user: "'Tim Kingfish' is Officer Tim King of the Louisville Metro Police Department. He's on Facebook advocating to start a race war, and he's on the streets patrolling your community. Make him famous. #NoJusticeNoPeace #NoFacistLMPD ... Let me be clear - whitefolks, if you can't use your white privilege to out a dirty cop, we're probably not friends."

After Googling Tim King we discovered that the media has posted the following statements allegedly made by him:

"Well I can see there's no way I can defend myself anymore and there's no point in trying to reason with you. I am a Police Officer in Louisville: Ill just say what I have to say. Since I have been the Police I have recovered kidnapped children, found lost elderly people from burning cars, helped domestic violence victims and sexual assault victims, resuscitated people who have overdosed. I have also written about ten tickets for reckless driving, arrested non-compliant sexual predators. I am also super pissed and very tired of this bourgeois-nonsense. So as for the only good cop is a dead cop. Ill say this. Ill be downtown tonight. If killing me is something that would make you all feel better come and try it out. In fact, I dare, I double dare you. I am strong and well trained, I will be difficult to kill. I will not allow you to harm my colleagues, myself or anyone else. As to the coming revolution. I've done war before. I hate it: I hate the fear, I hate the physical and mental stress of the training that is required to survive it. I hate the human cost and suffering of it. I was an excellent soldier and I have not forgotten. The idea that it is something that you would intentionally make come into the life of people I care about, to fulfill this make believe worked that you envision for all of us to live in. Whether we like it or not is totally repugnant...I have nothing to prove to nave fools You cannot wish for my death, threaten war, support hurting working people of the city, and expect me to come to your side. I would rather die. You don't want justice, you want revenge. You want revenge on a society that rewards hard work when you are lazy. You want to throw away courts and lynch all who you view as a problem. You and many like you believed that you are special, and somehow have a birthright to things you have not earned. You fantasize about using violence to take from others who worked hard and done the work. I would rather die than be apart of that. The message you stand for is a false God, I would rather die that worship it. After what has happened over the last week, you and those like you will be my enemy now and forever. I would rather die than surrender to this madness."

According to the media, Officer King later asked the public "Yo, are we fighting tonight?"

Officer King clearly is abusing his Facebook page to antagonize the situation.

Furthermore, if this image is in fact a post from King's Facebook page, he is self identifying with the Boogaloo movement by saying "Alright, boogaloo it is!" For those of you unfamiliar with the Boogaloo movement you can learn more at Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boogaloo_movement). Basically it is a far-right movement allegedly associated with white supremacists that favors a second American revolution.

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