Fairfax County Police Officer Tyler Timberlake Charged with Assault

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Fairfax County Police officer Tyler Timberlake was arrested for assault due to body cam footage showing him assaulting a black man with a stun gun. You can watch the embedded video below. The first couple of minutes show police, paramedics, and a black man that seems completely out of it. The black man keeps walking in circles while talking to paramedics and police about going to detox. The guy is obviously on something because he just keeps walking around like he has no idea what is going on. Although he is obviously under the influence or mentally ill, he is not doing anything dangerous.

After about 2 minutes and 48 seconds the officers run out of patience and shoot him with a stun gun. Then they pile on top of him and stun him again even though he is not resisting. He just keeps begging them to stop and at one point says "I can't breathe" but the cops don't care.

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