Portland Police Slam Protester Into Wall That Was Just Walking

Portland Police Attack Protesters
Portland Police Attack Protesters
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Earlier tonight protesters in Portland, Oregon were attacked by police while walking down the sidewalk with their hands in the air. At least one of these protesters was caught on tape being assaulted. In this video you can see a group of men walking down the sidewalk when police rush up behind them. One of them is smashed against the wall with a baton and taken to the ground. We do not know who he is or what happened to him. We just hope that he is alright.

We were not at the protest, but we were in the next best place. We were watching Sol Luna's Facebook stream. That stream is active almost every night at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100040473049047&__tn__=lCH-R and is the best place we know of to see what is really happening in downtown Portland without actually being there. It is much better than the news. The mainstream press goes out of their way to help the police, so it is nice to see someone just filming what is really going on and not looking for an excuse to leave or only film from far away where they can't see what the cops are really doing to protesters.

If you know the identity of the this officer or if you are the victim of this attack please contact us at https://copblaster.com/contact/ and help us put that pig on blast.

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