Attempted Kidnapping by Federal Agents Foiled by Portland Protesters

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The Portland protests saw one of their funniest moments tonight when federal officers tried to kidnap another Antifa member only find out just how untrained they really are. Check out this video (source: where the feds try another snatch and grab kidnapping outside the federal courthouse when Antifa comes to the rescue and frees their comrade. When the New York Times reported on the Homeland Security memo in which DHS said that their people in Portland lacked crowd control training, a DHS spokesperson was quick to try and make their people look properly trained on Twitter by saying "All DHSgov components cross designated to defend federal facilities in Portland had their training records reviewed to ensure their tasked missions aligned with their appropriate training."(" How do those reviews and training look now?

Clearly the people tasked with defending the federal courthouse are not well trained if they are getting man handled by a bunch of skinny unarmed kids from Antifa. It seems that unless they are outnumbering people and taking people by surprise from unmarked cars they rented from Enterprise ( that they really are not that tough.

Watch the video below for good laugh.

UPDATE: The original poster of the video managed to upload a rotated copy. Notice how he pulls out his sidearm at the end? That is not a taser, that is a real gun and it looks like he almost used it. Had a properly trained person been there he would not have ended up on the ground in the first place. Check out the new video at

UPDATE: We managed to rotate the original so that it is at the right angle without the cell phone in the picture

UPDATE: We received an interesting link from someone on Facebook. This person claims to be an independent but seems to cater to a more pro blue audience. He was saying that the man targeted by the feds had broken into the federal building. He also gave us a link to and cited the timestamp 5:58. After watching we can confirm that protesters had in fact been removing plywood from the doors before this happened. It even looks like someone threw a flammable liquid on the doors at one point. This person's position was that the feds have every legal right to be in the building and that the officer was assaulted for trying to arrest someone that had just stepped through the door. Upon further review, the smoke makes it hard to see, so we can't really tell if he stepped in or not. He was certainly close and people had removed plywood before. Assuming for a second that this guy did in fact break into the courthouse, that does not change the fact that the officer responded improperly. Running into the crowd by himself is not the action of a trained professional, or if it is, that professional was not acting in accordance with his training. We cannot think of any reasonable trainer that would teach his pupils to run into a crowd by themselves like that. That kind of behavior is doomed to fail. It could fail in any number of ways including the handling he received or worse. What will happen when the next one runs into a crowd by himself? Will he pull out his pistol and start shooting the second he is knocked on his butt? That looks like what almost happened here when the one that came to his rescue pulled his sidearm. A competent officer would not have placed his fellow officer in such a position.

We still consider any denial of freedom by the feds under these circumstances to be kidnapping. Even if any judge in the country would call it a lawful arrest it is still kidnapping in our book. It is like they say in prison, everyone is there because they were kidnapped. After all we have been through with the feds we have zero sympathy for them whenever we see their building damaged, things thrown at them, or they are knocked on their butts. We are well aware that all such acts violate the law, but because of how the feds have acted over the years we do not care. In fact, we take great pleasure at the sight of the feds suffering so much as the slightest inconvenience. We do however draw the line when people start getting killed (ex: the son of Judge Salas but we love seeing them get their butts kicked and humiliated, especially if getting their butts kicked shows that they are not as well trained as they claim.

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