Willamette Week Takes Action Supporting Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf

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2220 NW Quimby St #2624
Portland, Oregon 97210

Willamette Week recently assisted the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by taking action to shield acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf from accountability for his actions towards the city of Portland and the state of Oregon They did this by censoring a comment we left on an article by Aaron Mesh in which Mesh appeared to oppose the presence of federal troops in Oregon. The comment read:

"While Mr. Wolf was standing outside I received a phone call from someone that works in that building. The caller was complaining about addresses posted on the Cop Blaster website including that of a residence known to be owned by Chad Wolf, but I would be shocked if he were actually living there right now."

As the above image shows that comment was removed. By removing this comment they made it more difficult for peaceful demonstrators to learn about places where they are more likely to be capable of making Secretary Wolf hear their voices. Willamette Week's actions clearly show their true colors. They are not an ally of the people in this fight. They try to look supportive but when the dookie hits the fan they are just as lame as the rest of the mainstream media.

We ask that you no longer visit the Willamette Week website or contribute to them in any way. They are traitors to the people of Oregon that are helping the feds occupy our city.

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