Ex Portland Police Officer Robert Bruders Sued for Sexual Harassment

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Former Portland Police Officer Robert Karl Bruders was sued for sexual harassment this week after the Portland Police Bureau had already assigned him to desk duty after he was caught on camera beating a suspect that later sued and cost the city over $500,000. According to the woman, whose name has remained anonymous, Bruders stalked and harassed her in and out of the office for three years. The woman says that he created a hostile work environment that caused her to change her work habits. She says that he would often target her with a creepy stare and follow her around. Other women also reported that he had treated them inappropriately including one of the human resources managers that the plaintiff complained to.

In 2014 a jury awarded Jason Cox $562,000 for a 2011 beating he took at the hands of Bruders. It was a very high profile case because the beating was so savage that his mugshot afterwards shocked the conscious and is burnt into the public's memories to this day. The PPB of course defended his actions, so instead of firing him they just moved him to a desk job in the personnel department where he screened job applicants. So, the job of deciding what kinds of people should be allowed a chance at becoming a police officer depended on the opinion of a former beat cop caught on camera savagely beating a man that also sexually harassed and stalked women around the office.

According to Portland Police spokeswoman *Kristina Jones the PPB took steps to reduce interactions between Bruders and the victim, but would not say what those steps were. Jones also claimed that there was no basis for moving him out of the personnel department due to the complaints. The victim is being represented by the law firm Kafoury and McDougal which is the same law firm that represented Jason Cox.

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