Cop Blaster Responds to Misleading New York Times Article and King 5

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Cop Blaster was recently mentioned in a New York Times story title "Abolish the Police? Those Who Survived the Chaos in Seattle Aren't So Sure" by Nellie Bowles that was published on August 7, 2020*. That story was picked up by other media outlets, most notably King 5 News in Seattle. The New York Times story covers mostly snitches that are mad about the police allegedly not responding to their calls during anti-police protest and one of those people is John McDermott of Seattle. The King 5 piece focuses on McDermott specifically and contains the same accusation as the New York Times story (see video embedded below this article).

In the New York Times, Mr. McDermott accuses us of harassing him online by posting a story about him and his son Mason McDermott detaining a protester that had allegedly trespassed on Car Tender property and holding him against his will hoping the police would arrive. We concluded that the McDermott's are snitches because they called the police and more importantly tried to get someone into trouble that they did not need to get into trouble. The protester was in the process of leaving their property on his own and posed no threat to them. Like most snitches, the McDermott's don't appear to consider the well being of those they snitch on at all. All snitches like them typically care about is whatever laws may or may not have been broken and whether or not the police might help them accomplish their goals. They tend to think nothing about the lives they help ruin by calling the police. They did not need to put a criminal jacket on someone that was leaving their property voluntarily. Our article was absolutely 100% accurate to the best of our knowledge.

The New York Times claims that Car Tender has received countless harassing phone calls since our post went up. That is news to us because we have never called them, never asked anyone else to call them, and we don't even know their phone number. The post ( does not and has never included their phone number, so we are unable to see how a reasonable person would correlate that post with harassing phone calls. If they have been getting calls those calls are pure coincidence.

The New York Times also says that our article warned them to keep their mouths shut. That is not true, our article says:

"They should keep their mouths shut. Such talk could be cited by the police as an excuse to attack demonstrators should they decide to start operating in that area again. " -

The meaning of that statement is pretty obvious. In our opinion they should have kept their mouths shut to avoid giving the police an excuse to move in on the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). The CHAZ has since been cleared out by the Seattle Police Department (SPD) but at the time the article was written the CHAZ was at its height and the SPD were obviously looking for an excuse to move in there. Our advice to the McDermott's was not a threat, just a recommendation for the greater good. When the New York Times says our website "warned they should 'keep their mouths shut.' Most readers would probably interpret that as a threat of some kind, like "keep your mouth shut or else," when it really was not a threat of any sort because we never said anything bad would happen to them if they opened their mouths.

* see PDF icon or source link above this article for the full story

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