Stephen Sokoloff Calls The Murder of Hannah Fizer "Justified"

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Stephen Sokoloff's Letter about Hannah:

Special Prosecutor Stephen Sokoloff is defending the murder of Hannah Fizer in Sedalia, Missouri by saying that he will not file charges against Deputy Jordan Schutte. In so doing Sokoloff is actively aiding and abetting a murderer and in our opinion that makes him as well as Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond ( just as guilty as the man that pulled the trigger. That trigger man is Deputy Jordan Schutte whose wanted poster can be found at and his history can be found at

More to come as we dissect his excuses and post our analysis here. So far we known that Sokoloff admitted that "There are aspects of the case that lead me to believe that an alternative approach might have avoided the confrontation that led to the officer having to discharge his weapon." Instead of using that as grounds to seek justice for Hannah, Sokoloff claims that it is irrelevant. Sokoloff then admits that his ability to make a decision in this case is hindered by the lack of body cams and dash cams. Last month we covered the admission of the Pettis County IT Director that Sheriff Bond lied about why there are no cameras ( From that admission it became clear that Kevin Bond did not want his men to be held accountable for their actions. Sokoloff claims that surveillance footage from a nearby business supports his decision while stating that there is no audio recording of the incident. He then goes on to claim that the evidence supports the position that Hannah told Schutte that she was filming him and then threatened to shoot him claiming that she had a gun. This so called evidence is the sole accusation made by Hannah's killer to justify her murder. Sokoloff goes on the say that the surveillance footage showed Hannah "reached down into the floorboard of the car and raised up towards him." Sokoloff cites radio communications in support of his position ( saying "she can be heard during the officers radio dispatch yelling at him and he repeats her threats that she has a gun." Notice how there were not threats made by her on the radio. It is common for police officers to yell out fake information to justify using force in just about any situation, the most common is yelling "stop resisting" while manhandling a suspect even when the suspect is not resisting. It appears that Sokoloff's findings supports that theory that Schutte made up an excuse to justify shooting Hannah. Sokoloff's reasoning concludes by saying that Schutte moved towards the driver's side door, took up a defensive stance, and Hannah could not be seen when shots were fired. No evidence exists proving that Hannah threatened Schutte. That is Sokoloff's justification for Schutt's actions. In the state of Missouri it is technically legal for a cop to shoot you for reaching down into the floorboard of your car. There is no need for you to have a weapon. They are legally justified shooting anyone that reaches for anything just because they do not know what they are reaching for. You could be reaching for your vehicle registration and get legally shot for it.

We profiled Sokoloff last month ( and refrained from posting his address hoping he would do the right thing and seek justice for Hannah. Because he did not do that we are releasing his last known home address for the purpose of assisting non-violent protesters that want to make themselves heard in person or by mail. That address is:

Stephen Paul Sokoloff


Jefferson City, MO 65101

We will remove his address if and only if he changes his findings and files charges against Jordan Schutte. As long as Sokoloff continues to aide and abet a murderer, his neighbors and the rest of the world have the right to know that there is a person in their community that protects murderers of innocent women.

The same goes for Pettis County Sheriff Kevin Bond. The community has a right to know that he is aiding and abetting a murderer. People that aide and abet murderers are a danger to the community. The danger known as Kevin Charles Bond resides at 4130 Apple Ridge Road in Sedalia, Missouri. We will remove his address if and only if he publicly denounces Sokoloff's findings and fires Jordan Schutte. Because the prosecuting decision is out of Bond's hands now we are not going to demand that he arrest Schutte at this time.

Last, but certainly not least is the trigger man himself, Jordan Daniel Schutte of Sedalia, Missouri. His last known address was 1002 S Kentucky Ave in Sedalia, Missouri. We are wiling to remove Schutte's address if and only if he writes and signs a confession stating that he unnecessarily shot Hannah Fizer five times.

UPDATE: We have found a copy of Stephen Sokoloff's letter about his decision not to prosecute Jordan Schutte. You can read the PDF by clicking the PDF icon about this article.

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