Molotov Cocktail Proves Portland Protesters Are Aiming Better

Molotov Cocktail Explodes Near Police
Molotov Cocktail Explodes Near Police
Blast Zone No. 25977 - 0 Comments
Set Up On:
Category: Police - City
Last Known Crime Scene Address:
1111 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97204

Portland protesters had a flaming surprise for the Portland Police tonight and unlike a couple weeks ago, the protester almost hit his target with the Molotov cocktail and did not light another protester on fire. The Portland Police also showed that when the fire is close to them that they are quick to put it out, unlike the last Molotov when they let the burning man run around comically while protesters tried to put it out. You can check out the last Molotov using the source link above and tonight's Molotov in the video below.

We do not know if the protester is affiliated with Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or the Proud Boys. All three possibilities are viable since Proud Boys and other far right agitators are known for infiltrating Anitfa/BLM for the purpose for violently attacking police (ex: They do it because they are trying to discredit the mostly peaceful protests by making protesters look violent, provoke the police into violently attacking protesters, and possibly because they also hate the cops deep down because they have helped Antifa in the past (ex: We also would not put it past a rogue Antifa to have stepped out of line and gotten violent like some of them have in the past ( He could have also been an angry black man fed up over being mistreated by the cops all of his life (ex: or maybe even a woman, we do not know.

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