Good Samaritan Fails to Rescue Friend From Ocean City Police

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A good samaritan was arrested earlier this evening for trying to rescue his friend from the Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) in Maryland. The incident was caught on camera in which a man, who appears to be doing nothing wrong, is chased by the police and tackled. Then an unidentified man, whom we presume to be a friend of his came running, hit one of the officers like a special teams blocker in a football game, and was then arrested himself. Unfortunately, there were far more cops that showed up right away and swarmed them. Nobody else in the crowd helped and they both went to jail.

Large crowds and a lot of police officers descended on Ocean City for a H2Oi car rally. The rally took place despite cries from local government to call it off due to the coronavirus. H20i is an annual rally held in Ocean City by owners of small German cars.

You can watch a short clip below and the entire video can be found at

Trying to save a friend from the police is not always a bad idea. Earlier this summer, protesters successfully saved a comrade from federal agents in Portland, Oregon ( The key difference in the Portland case was that the police were greatly outnumbered. The lesson to be learned here is that unless you have more people with you that are actually willing to do all it takes to help you rescue a friend from being kidnapped by the cops then it is usually pointless to try, but the man should be given credit for at least trying. We wish we had friends like that.

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