Presidential Candidates Debate Police Accountability

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President Donald Trump refused to denounce white supremacists while Joe Biden refused to acknowledge the existence of Antifa when asked about their views regarding police accountability, Black Lives Matter, and social justice protests. Neither response was surprising. Trump repeated his support for law and order while Biden took a position in the middle between the far-left and the President.

What Sleepy Joe Biden Said

Biden answered a question about his position regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, police accountability, and social justice protests by saying that they are about "Equity, equality, decency ... it's about the Constitution." He went on to say that there is "systemic injustice in this country," while at the same time failing to acknowledge that most cops are in fact complicit with their silence and inaction when other officers do bad things. Biden said most cops are "good people .. there are a few bad apples ... they have to be held accountable ... these cops are not happy to see what happened to George Floyd ... violence is never appropriate." When asked if he supported law and order, Biden said that he supports "law and order with justice where people get treated fairly." He also said that he is "totally opposed to defunding police officers" and that they need more help not less. Help like sending mental health professionals with them when responding to mental health emergencies.

Biden also said of Trump, "he is racist" and quoted Trump aid Kellyanne Conway as saying that "riots and chaos and violence help his cause." Biden says that Trump knows nothing about the suburbs while pointing out that unlike Trump he actually grew up in the suburbs. Biden also refused to acknowledge the existence of Antifa by calling Antifa an idea and not an organization. That is simply not true. Antifa is both an idea and a network of organizations (ex: Rose City Antifa) across the country.

What Stupid Donald Trump Said

Trump tried to make Biden look racist by pointing out that he supported the 1994 Crime Bill and said that Biden called black people "super predators." The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 was largely written by Joe Biden. That bill created a lot of the mandatory minimum sentencing laws and practices that have been ruining lives unnecessarily ever since. Few acts have harmed communities of color more than the Crime Bill of 1994.

Trump went on to discuss the mostly peaceful protests that have taken place across America in response to the murder of George Floyd. He criticized cities run by Democrats for not coming down on protesters with a heavy enough hand to stop them. Trump said, "If they called us in Portland we would put out that fire in half an hour." He said that if the protests, which have mostly taken place in downtown areas of major cities, were allowed to continue that "our suburbs would be gone."

When asked if he would be willing to denounce white supremacists and militia groups, he refused to answer the question, said that the Proud Boys should "stand back and stand by," and attacked Joe Biden for not acknowledging the existence of Antifa. Trump also defended his decision to end racial sensitivity training programs in law enforcement saying, there is a "radical revolution taking place," inferring that such programs are a form of reverse racism saying "it was sort of a reversal ... teaching people to hate our country," and said that "we have to go back to the core values of this country."


Joe Biden is the best candidate available for anyone that wants to see better accountability in policing. We cannot recommend Donald Trump for other reasons ( as well as these. At the same time we do not think that Biden is capable of providing the level of change that is really needed, but his position that America needs "law and order with justice" is better than just "law and order." This election is a battle of sleepy vs. stupid in which stupid is the evil of two lessers.

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