Denver Protest Shooting Videos Show Man Shot in Head in Broad Daylight

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Civic Center Park

A private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa shot a Patriot Muster demonstrator at a protest/counter protest in Denver, Colorado today ( Social media chatter indicates that he was hired by a local news station to protect reporters. The shooting took place in broad daylight right in from of the police and several live streamers. The shooter was immediately arrested and the victim died at the scene, but was it self defense? The deceased appears to have sprayed the shooter with mace right before he was shot, but was that mace in response to the shooter pulling his gun? The footage seen so far cannot answer that question.

According to the media, the event was a right wing rally attended by members of the Sons of Silence motorcycle club and other right with groups. Counter protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups shows up also. After the shooting one counter protester was caught on camera saying, "one less white f*cking supremist, f*ck yeah ... right in the f*cking dome."

The video below is a compilation of three videos that we found on Twitter. The full videos can be found at:

UPDATE: The source link for this story has been changed. We now know that the deceased was part of a group called Patriot Muster, but we still do not have any names.

UPDATE: 9News has released a statement saying that the shooter was a Pinkerton security guard hired by them

UPDATE: The video embedded with this article shows the police take an AR-15 style rifle off the deceased's body. So, this might be self defense after all. If a man armed with a rifle attacks you with mace that stakes are way higher than if the guy just had mace

CORRECTION: The rifle was the officer's rifle, he had placed it on the ground while trying to help the deceased. He was just picking it and slinging it over his shoulder.

UPDATE: The shooter had a Space Invaders tattoo. Antifa is known to use Space Invaders in their promotional material. (see tattoo at Here are some example of Antifa using Space Invaders:

Space Invaders Against Fascism Button:

Space Invaders Against Racism:

UPDATE: This footage is from before the shooting and shows the deceased fighting with various people

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