2020 Election Guide: How to Fill Out Your Ballot Correctly in Portland

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Are you confused by your ballot? Never fear, Cop Blaster is here to help you fill out your 2020 Election ballot correctly in the city of Portland, Oregon and beyond. There is only one way to fill out your ballot correctly. You can choose between a black or blue pen, but other than that there is zero room for deviating from this guide. Deviating from this guide will result in your ballot not being counted for anything good.

The first and most important field is for President of the United States. To vote correctly you must fill in the oval located to the left of the word "Democrat" and the name "Joseph R Biden." Failing to fill out your ballot in this matter will result in your ballot not being counted in a positive manner.

Subsequent fields of importance require that you fill out the ovals next to the names Jeff Merkley and Earl Blumenauer because they have been established in Washington D.C. on the state's behalf for decades. As such they are connected in ways that their challengers would not be if elected. State offices such as Attorney General require that you fill out the oval next to the name Ellen Rosenbaum because she defended the state from the feds in court last summer (https://copblaster.com/blast/25871/judge-michael-mosman-refuses-to-protect-the-people-in-his-district) and voting her out would disrupt those proceedings.

The mayoral race in Portland requires that you fill out the oval next to the name Sarah Iannarone because she is the only feasible alternative to incumbent Ted Wheeler. Wheeler's police have responded to mostly peaceful protests with escalating violence since May (https://copblaster.com/blast/25821/new-portland-police-chief-chuck-lovell-is-worse-than-jami-resch), he failed to protect his city from the feds even after they tear gassed him during a publicity stunt gone bad (https://copblaster.com/blast/25868/portland-mayor-ted-wheeler-tear-gassed-by-federal-officers), and he eventually betrayed his own people to the federal government by allowing his police to remain employed after accepting deputizations from the United States Marshals (https://copblaster.com/blast/25989/mayor-ted-wheeler-can-fire-federally-deputized-cops-any-time). Today protesters are at risk of being federally charged for their interactions with local police because of Ted Wheeler. Traitor Ted has effectively turned over control of his city to the federal government. He has conducted himself so poorly that we would rather vote for Ted Bundy.

Other fields of importance include Measure 107 which requires that you vote "No" to protect the free speech rights of campaign contributors. Measure 108 requires a "No" vote to protect people that smoke and vape from being taxed for their habit. Measure 109 requires a "Yes" vote to enable the legitimate medical use of psychoactive mushrooms. Measure 110 requires a "Yes" vote to protect the liberties of marijuana connoisseurs. The rest of the ballot really does not matter, but you should still fill in one circle to the left on a choice for each one. If you really don't care write in your own name.

Summary of Advice

To fill out a ballot correctly in Portland, Oregon you must start by voting for Joe Biden, Jeff Merkley, Earl Blumenauer, Ellen Rosenbaum, and Sarah Iannarone. After that you have to vote "No" on measures 107 and 108. Then you must vote "Yes" on measures 109 and 110. The rest of the ballot really does not matter.


If you fail to fill out your ballot correctly in accordance with this guide then your vote will not be counted positively. We recommend that you follow this guide to the letter if you want to make sure that your vote really counts towards the betterment of society.

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