Cincinnati Police Officer Quianna Campbell Pleads Guilty to Tax Fraud

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Cincinnati Police Officer Quianna Campbell pled guilty to tax fraud charges in federal court today. She admitted that she filed false tax return from 2015-17 that failed to report $60,000 in off-duty income. The charges appear to be retaliation for her doing the right thing during a money laundering investigation.

In 2015 investigators discovered a text message exchange between her and a local nightclub owner. The nightclub owner asked her if a specific individual was an undercover cop and she responded by saying that he was. When asked about the text she lied. For that lie she was charged with making a false statement to a federal officer. That charge was dismissed as part of her plea agreement. The nightclub was under investigation for money laundering. We do not know how much of her unreported off duty income came from the night club.

Campbell now faces up to 12 years in federal prison. Her policing powers were stripped away in 2018, but technically she is still a CPD employee that is suspended without pay. We anticipate that changing soon.

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