Albany Police Officer David Haupt Suspended for Bashing Black People

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Albany Police Officer David Haupt has been suspended after being caught on camera ranting against black people. You can watch and hear Haupt in the video below. At one point he can be heard saying, "blacks are the worst f*cking race." Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins, who is black, called the comments some of the most "shocking and appalling" things he has heard during 30 years of law enforcement.

Haupt's suspension is the first phase in terminating him. Chief Hawkins said that he never wants to see Haupt wear a badge again. Haupt's full statement was quoted in the media as:

"My buddies listen to the scanner and they send me texts all the time, and they go, Is the suspect ever a white male? and I go No. I know it sounds terrible to say, but I dont give a f__ what anybody says, I sincerely dont. Because bro, they are the worst f__ing race and I dont you cant deny, like, over the last X amount of months, they are you know because we work together they are getting worse and worse, and people are defending that. Are you f__ing kidding me?" - David W. Haupt

Some believe that Haupt's comments could have an impact in criminal cases involving Haupt. Defendants might be able to challenge their convictions on the grounds that the arresting officer has since been proven to be racist. That could have an impact where convictions are based on Haupt's word and the convicted person is black.

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