Racist Facebook Group Full of Border Patrol Agents

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Brian Fawcett
Brian Fawcett

A bunch of racist Border Patrol agents were caught on Facebook last summer with their own racist Border Patrol Facebook group. A sample of their work can be found in the source article. Known participants in the group include:

Thomas Hendricks

Hector Garcia Jr.

Jorge Nunez

Mike Herrero

Sierra Mowery

Mark Ponch

John Tedford

Riley Glock

Eric Castillo

Bob Wilkinson

Angel Avilez

Anthony Ramos

Rick Mora Jr.

Zach Smith

Christian Macias

Jose Ortiz

Adam Matott

Jesse Cabe

Mike Kotwicki

Jesus E. Nunez

Brian Fawcett

Chad Wamsley

Justin Blue Ortiz

Gabriel Gonzalez

Zack Smith

Anthony Ramos

Michael Scherer

It is surprising to see how many of these racist people are against those of shared heritage. Any number of these names could just as easily belong to an illegal alien and if one were to ask a native he would probably call them all illegal alien names.

The name of the group was "I'm 10-15" in reference to a radio code used by the Border Patrol to signal that they have an illegal alien in custody. The group supposedly had over 9,000 members at one time. It is not clear how many of their members were in fact Border Patrol Agents, but there were at least a couple dozen of them. It is also not known how many of the groups members (if any) were 10-15 year olds that joined thinking that it was a group of their peers possibly tricked by the immature behavior of the users as well as the name. It is also not known how many of the members were sexual predators that joined hoping to meet 10-15 year olds or how many of them are also Border Patrol Agents.

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