Ex-Chief Matthew Anderson Under FBI Investigation for Many Crimes

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Former Rolla, North Dakota Police Chief Matthew Anderson was recently fired after just four months on the job after the city found out that he is under FBI investigation for a number of crimes committed while in uniform. Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) has also stripped him of his license. The allegations against Anderson include sexually assaulting a 16 year old girl by ordering staff to put a catheter in her for a urine test, wrecking two police cars by crashing into fixed objects, tasering a pregnant woman multiple times, and falsifying a search warrant.

The rape of the 16 year old girl took place after the girl had given Anderson a false name. He then gave staff false information to convince them that it was perfectly legal to force a catheter into a suspect and assisted other staff members in holding her down while she was raped with the catheter. All she did was give him a false name and that pissed him off so much that he raped her with a medical instrument. Nowhere in America are forced catheterizations legal without a search warrant.

Anderson never reported wrecking the police cars by crashing into fixed objects. It is not known if he was drunk or speeding.

He tasered a pregnant woman multiple times just because he claims that she refused to leave an apartment. It is not clear what safety risk if any may be presented by an unarmed uncooperative pregnant woman.

The false search warrant was just one of many allegations of fraud against Anderson. In another case he failed to turn in an officer's paperwork and as a result the officer patrolled the streets without even being an officer at all.

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