Mosese Lomu on Trial for Fraud and Witness Tampering

Mosese Lomu
Mosese Lomu
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Former Police Watch Commander Mosese Lomu is on trial for fraud and witness tampering following allegations that he tried to cover up the escape of an inmate. In the process he is accused of directing another officer to tamper with the Territorial Correctional Facility (TCF) log book to make it look like he and his staff were not watching movies when the inmate escaped, shot a man and went back to the prison.

The government alleges that Lomu found out about the escape after the police called him and let him know that the wife of the victim had recognized the escaped inmate at the crime scene. Lomu is then accused of doing all he could to make it look like the inmate never escaped before police arrived at the prison. Had Lomu been successful his incompetence would not have been exposed, he would still have a job and the shooter would have a rock solid alibi.

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