Captain Kurtiss Morrison Rubber Stamps Staff Misconduct

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Captain Kurtiss Morrison of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) does all he can to minimize inconsistent statements made by his subordinates when whitewashing their conduct. I found this out a couple years back when I was falsely accused of kicking/elbowing deputies and resisting during escort from one floor of the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) to another. Anyone that actually read all the incident reports could tell that they were all different stories that shared some lies, but always had at least one other statement contradicting each one. You wouldn't be able to tell that from Captain Morrison's review. He seems to focus on aggregating inconsistent statements to create a long list of accusations while only pointing out a couple inconsistencies to make it look like he looked at the reports objectively.

The end result tends to be a bunch of inconsistent statements being described as consistent statements where each inconsistent accusation ends up sounding like another consistent accusation, but without any mention of contradictory facts. Morrison basically selects whatever parts of the incident reports favor the deputies and rubber stamps their statements without any scrutiny. As a result an allegation against an inmate such as throwing elbows, mule kicking a deputy, and throwing spicy chip seasoning in their faces is written up as just that with no mention that the deputies had no evidence of injuries, that the one claiming to have been mule kicked also claimed to have slipped on chips (not powder), and other things. A truthful review would have had more questions than answers, or at least a question.

This type of rubber stamping only serves to enable illegal customs within the MCSO. Customs like always supporting fellow deputies no matter what they do or say. If they abuse inmates and cover it up then the higher ups will not do any sort of review to question them. Note how the pdf shows another deputy (Gary Glaze) justifying use of force based on assumption, but Morrison never questions that. That basically functions as an endorsement of Glaze's justification and creates an environment where deputies know that they can use force even if the inmate does not have the chance to cooperate.

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