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Beau Owensby
Beau Owensby

This person likes to start issues but once someone stands up to him (physically or verbally), he calls the police. He is abusive to women, violates protection orders, puts children at risk, provides drugs to people, but when things don't go his way or he gets beat up, the police are right there to assist him. Do not associate with this person if you are a female or if you have anything to lose by going to jail. His name is Beau Owensby and he is 22-23 years of age and lives in Moses Lake, WA 98837. He drives an older black Mercedes Benz four door sedan.

1/17/2020 - What a pussy! Who does that. I live in Moses Hole, dont let me see this moron anywhere. He looks like a friggin fool anyways. Ugly ass. I wish him the worst. Dont worry, I'll make sure this gets shared around the city fr fr. Dont need mfs like this prancing around like a gay pony getting away with being a cop caller. Theres tons out here in Moses but people too scared to put em on blast cuz they scared they gonna have cops called on them. I'll be keeping a close eye out for this shitbrain fr.

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