Jeremy Christian's Racist Post-Stabbing Rant Played in Court

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Jeremy Christian in Patrol Car
Jeremy Christian in Patrol Car

After stopping by the courthouse to check out the Jeremy Christian show today I must now concede that Jeremy just might be a little racist. I say this because they played video of him at the hospital and in the back seat of a patrol car. The video surprised me especially since I had yet to actually see or hear Jeremy Christian ever direct the n-word at a black person before, and because Jeremy turned to me and said "you won't want to miss this Cyrus" as I left the courtroom during a recess before the video had been played. If I were him I would not have wanted me to hear the racist rant because now I can't say I've never heard him call a black person the n-word. On his way back from the hospital, Jeremy called a black cop the n-word repeatedly. Totally inappropriate, but in Jeremy's defense they were torturing him with tight restraints at the time. Maybe he just wanted to make that black cop as pissed off as he was at the time. Still inappropriate, but I still think he is on the lower end of the racism scale. Also, he made a good point about how black cops treat their own people.

Jeremy told the black officer that he was a "race traitor" and that was why he was calling him the n-word. That is something I noticed black inmates do a lot while I was in prison. They feel that black cops and correctional officers are "uncle Tom's"and not real black people. They have a point. Black people as a demographic are victimized by police misconduct and brutality the most, so it takes a certain type of black person to take a job with the same government agencies responsible for oppressing their fellow black people. This is the opinion of most black inmates and not just mine. Still, that does not make it appropriate for a white inmate to use the n-word towards a black officer. That is a privilege better left for the blacks themselves. They have my full support when they call black officers race traitors, but a white guy doing that with the n-word is totally inappropriate.

I still don't think Jeremy is a white supremacist however. White supremacists take racism to another level. It takes more than catching a white guy dropping n-bombs while mad at a black cop to justify applying the white supremacist label. There is a category of racism to apply to those that say racist things at times but don't advocate white supremacy. Some white guys just hate some black people and use racial slurs towards them just to be insulting, but they don't hate blacks in general. White inmates are good examples. A lot of them are white supremacists and others just don't like black inmates. Both groups use the n-word. The difference is one advocates a political position of whites being better than all other races and a hatred towards other races based on those beliefs. The others are mostly products of their environment. Those are the types of guys that will say racist things about blacks behind their back in the TV room but still do business with them. The white supremacists then get mad at them for doing business with n-words. I recall once being cussed out by a white supremacist in the white TV room at FCI Sheridan for watching what he called "n-word ball" in the white TV room for putting on a Blazer game. I had to go watch it on one of the black TVs along with any other white inmate that wanted to watch basketball. Some of those other whites used the n-word sometimes but if they were really white supremacists they would not be watching basketball at all.

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