Coronavirus Threats and FCI Sheridan: What is Dr. Cantu Going to Do?

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Due to the growing public awareness of the threat faced by jails and prisons due to Coronavirus, our thoughts turn to FCI Sheridan and Dr. Amador Cantu. Dr. Cantu was previously profiled on this website after this author experienced the tyranny of his incompetence first hand in 2017 as an inmate at FDC Sheridan. FDC Sheridan is a Federal Detention Center across the street from FCI Sheridan. Dr. Cantu proved himself to be the worst of the worst. The worst prison doctor ever encountered by this author during several years in the system. He was so bad that victim after victim came forward to tell their stories and agreed to be quoted by name. Now the Coronavirus is in Oregon. That is a fact, so what will happen when it gets to the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon?

If the answer to that question depends on what Cantu will do, then the inmates are already absolutely 100% screwed. That quacks does not know what he is doing and does not care to learn how to provide inmates with the "adequate healthcare" that he insists they have a right to. The most I can picture Cantu doing in the case of a Coronavirus outbreak at FCI Sheridan is put the place on lockdown, issue himself a bio-hazard suit, and find every excuse he can not to interact with his patients at all. That of course is what he normally does anyway minus the lockdown and bio-hazard suit.

In this video you can see what is happening in Italian prisons already. It is not a pretty picture.

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