Hamilton PD Chief Gene Allmond and Officer John Brooks Unemployed

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Hamilton Police Chief Gene Allmond has resigned and Officer John Brooks has been terminated after body camera footage surfaced of Brooks using the n-word while chatting casually with Chief Allmond about the shooting of Rayshard Brooks last summer. In that case Officer Garrett Rolfe was fired for shooting Rayshard Brooks in the back as he was running away from him (https://copblaster.com/blast/25786/atlanta-police-officer-garrett-rolfe-fired-for-rayshard-brooks-killing). This angered Officer John Brooks because Rayshard Brooks had just stolen an officer's taser. Officer Brooks believed that Officer Rolfe was justified shooting Rayshard Brooks because he believed that Rayshard Brooks pointed a taser at Rolfe and that was an aggravated assault. Had Officer Brooks just left it at that he would probably still have a job, but then he asked "how come when you tase a f*cking n*igger it's like you done killed him 27 times?"

You can watch Chief Allmond's reaction to Officer Brooks' question in the video below. What should shock you the most is his lack of any reaction at all beyond asking Brooks what he would have done if the taser had hit the officer. Chief Allmond was not the least bit shocked to hear his subordinate speak about African Americans in that manner. This goes beyond simply not doing anything about it until the body cam footage surfaced. It says that racism is the norm at the Hamilton Police Department (HPD). The fact that the Chief of police shows no reaction to the racial slurs whatsoever shows that he must be used to hearing them from his subordinates and either approves of their use or is complicit in their use with his total disregard for their use.

Allmond and Brooks would have gotten away with this if it were not for their own stupidity. They thought that the body cameras were not working and sent them in for repairs. When the cameras were inspected it was determined that the cameras did work and had a full memory of video. When the inspector played the video and heard what they said he told the proper authorities. Officer Brooks was terminated within an hour and a half of the town's African American Mayor Ransom Farley view the video. Farley later told ABC that he was surprised but not surprised.

In addition to using the n-word, the officers discussed who they would rather sex with, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms or voting rights activist Stacey Abrams. Then the conversation turned to slavery and Chief Allmond said, "seems to me, they furnished them a house to live in, they furnished them clothes to put on their back, they furnished them food to put on their table, and all they had to do was f*cking work." That statement directly from the Chief's mouth shows that the Chief himself is racist and that is why he was not the least bit bothered to hear his subordinate use the n-word.

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