San Francisco Officer Dean Taylor Arrested for Attacking 11 Year Old

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Retired San Francisco Police Officer Dean Taylor was arrested on February 12th for attacking an 11 year old boy after a group of neighborhood kids repeatedly rang his doorbell and ran away before he could answer. The group had been going door to door ringing doorbells and running away before anyone could answer until they rang the wrong doorbell. Taylor snapped, exited his house, got into his car, and chased the boys down. The boys tried their best to get away until Taylor blocked their path with his vehicle. Then Taylor got out of his car, grabbed one of the boys by his neck, threw him to the ground before letting him get back on his feet, pushed him into the vehicle, and told the kid if he ever did it again that he would "put a bullet in his head." Then Taylor drove the boy an unknown distance before dropping him off at an intersection. The boy ran home, told his parents, and they called the police. Taylor is now charged with kidnapping, criminal threats, false imprisonment, battery and child endangerment.

While investigating the incident, the San Rafael Police Department (SRPD) learned that the boys had rung Taylor's doorbell at least four times before he snapped. Taylor told police that he was fed up and waited for the kids to do it again ready to chase them. When they did it again he tried to teach them a lesson. He denied threatening to kill the kid and grabbing him around the neck, but police said that they observed red marks on the boy's neck when they arrived. Taylor claimed he was just going to drive the kid home when he put him in his car. Taylor's lawyer told the media that his client was recovering from surgery at the time and was unable to sleep due to the pain combined with the noise from the kids ringing his doorbell repeatedly.

Dean Taylor is 63 years old, spent 34 years working for the the San Francisco Police Department, held the rank of inspector for 7 years, and was the golf coach at San Rafael High School from 2018 until he resigned shortly after his arrest. According to public records he is a registered Republican with no prior criminal record.

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