George Zachary Terwilliger, bow down or go to jail

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////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// - in this he States multiple times biases including things such as

"IT is interesting that she (Chelsea manning) will not answer questions..."

"As someone who received the incredible gift of a commutation, literally given 28 years of her life back, [Chelsea Manning] now refuses to simply answer questions as part of our constitutional criminal justice process."

according to the US constitution the 5th ammendment is there to prevent the innocent from potential self incriminations,

meaning she is well within her rights to refuse to answer any and all questions, on top of this George Zachary Terwilliger is attempting to persuade

the crowd into believing that she is guilty of something simply due to this fact.

He is acting as if the fifth ammendment is a pleasure, or a privilege and not a human right because of this he is intentionally misinforming the crowd

to simply get her sent to jail and/or portray her as guilty

While he does have the right to free speech, his bias and attempt to manipulate the crowd falls under a sixth ammendment violation.

the sixth ammendment is meant for everyone to have a "speedy and fair trial"

From George Zachary terwilligers claims, and attempted manipulation of the crowd through false allegations and implications

he has committed a violation of the sixth ammendment WITH video evidence.

If he attempts to take down the video this will be obstruction of justice and thereby obstruction of evidence as well.


By his own logic we can say that if someone does not answer they are automatically guilty.

in this case, why has he said nothing about his shell company and money laundering operations?

or tax evasion?


George Zach Terwilliger - Nickname is usually G. Zach terwilliger or just zach terwilliger.

He registered what is known as a "Shell Company" (basically an anonymous company with no employees that only exists for the sole purpose

of money transfers and cleaning the dirty money) 2 houses away from him under his alias.

The company in queston is named "JOE DAVIS COMPANY, LLC, THE"

No other employees of this company exist other than him meaning it has to be a shell company.

the only reason for these shell companies to exist is solely for money laundering, on top of this the name in question

is incredibly suspicious as he knows nobody by this name "Joe davis" according to publicly available data and no registries of a

"Joe davis" exist for this address.



He subpeonas any and all doxxes on him in an attempt to suppress any and all bad press regarding him as well as his alleged criminal activity

by his own logic, it is interesting.

this is an obstruction on free speech, as all information in these doxxes are entirely public therefore no illegal activity took place.


dishonorable Mentions:

Attempted to get Julian assange AND chelsea manning arrested

Justified trump firing james comey

Justified Ajit Pai's Net neutrality decision

prosecuted multiple members of the original doxbin (the .onion version)

He once said the Paris attacks in 2015 could've been prevented if "The government had better intelligence gathering and greater surveillance

over it's citizens" - was a possible email that was used to suppress a journalist from interviewing him

Justified border patrol inhumane tortures, guantanamo bay torture, as well as racial profiling on FOX News with the possibility of MS-13 members

crossing the borders

Justified government use of seized drug money as well as his father

Allegedly has multiple accounts on KKK and white supremacy forums such as


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